Christianity in Britain

Christianity is one of the oldest religions in the world. This is also the case in Britain. However, recently there has been a decline in the number of Christians in the UK. This is including those born in Britain and those who moved there.
Many people may not really understand the situation in Britain. The population of Christians falls every single day. This is because of reduction in the population of Christians in the country. This population decrease in the country is very evident from their census which clearly puts it out there that in very few years to come, Christianity in Britain will be unheard of.

Christianity in Britain
The number of Christian babies born has reduced by about 10000 a week. This reduction took place between 2001 and 2011 when the next census was taken. The cathedrals may survive but Christianity may not do so well in the years to come. It has been foreseen that by 2033 Anglicanism will be a thing of the past and by about 2040 the Catholic Church will also fade away. Not long after that the last Christian will die or convert or just disappear. Christianity is the fast fading religion in Great Britain.
Apart from the low numbers in population, there have also been large numbers of people abandoning Christianity and converting to other religions such as Islam. Many have also not just left Christianity but abandoned religion all together and become atheists. About 46% of the Britain population is currently known to be unreligious. Many children born to such families also end up following the same footsteps and do not thing of religion. This is a big contributor to slow death of Christianity in the area. This is the case yet many church leaders including those of the archdiocese who should speak up concerning this have let it slide and overlooked the current looking danger.
The England church is said to be one generation away from distinction. With people having no religion and the Islam community on the rise, before long, the country will either be an Islamic country or have no religion at all.

Over the last half a decade the attendance of mainstream church has been halved. The attendance of churches has been a culture that was not transmitted from one generation to the next so the habit died when that generation died. For them Christianity is an old-fashioned trait that was for their grandparents. Instead most of them just celebrate the Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter and leave at that.
Previously the number of Christian based schools in the country was also high. Right now many of the schools have stripped the faith and just left the morals. This does not help in nurturing a Christian tendency in children. It however leads to a generation that does not understand God and his teachings hence the religion’s death is eminent.
Other people claim that it is not too late for the country to be salvaged. That with evangelism and hard work in the restoration of the church, things will change.

The situation in Britain is dire. It will require a lot of work and the intervention of God to revive it back