As of today there are many religions in the world. All these are based on what everybody thinks. Religion is a topic that in most cases people try to stay clear of because of the many conflicts it brings. There are many things and beings people believe in. These vary from God for Christians, to Allah for Muslims, Buddha for Indians.

Some of the commonly asked questions include:

Is God real and what is role is the day to day lives of a normal person?

Not everybody actually believes in God. For Christians He is real and he is the guide of everything in our lives. He leads us and intervenes when needed. For Muslims God is Allah, Indians it is Buddha etc. All this is dependent on who people believe their God is. This is not the case for everybody though. There are people who do not believe in God. They believe in science and that life runs according to scientific rules. They believe in two major theories, the big bang theory and the evolution theory which try to explain the origin and development of life to what it is.

Does the constitution give freedom to teach about religion in schools?

The government is tasked with making of laws and the constitution. This includes the Freedom of Worship law. This law gives everybody the right to worship who they want to worship. The constitution also gives a right to teach students about religion. Religion is one of the subjects integrated in schools. This helps students understand it and that there is a higher power than them. In 1966 it was ruled that teaching of religion in school was okay. According to the judge, education is not comprehensive if it does not include religion or its history.

Which is the true religion?

This is a question that has brought conflict to many places. Everybody believes that the religion they follow is the true and authentic religion. Religion is based on a person and what they want to believe is true for them. The belief in a greater power than yours is dependent on an individual. The understanding of religion and why you follow it does help enlighten people’s reasons of why they follow a specific religion. For Christians, Christianity is the true religion and God is the true living God, For Muslims, Allah is the same for them. This is also the case for all the other. There is actually no way to say that this is the true authentic religion.

What happens to us when we die

For many, there is an afterlife which will come after we die. Religion helps people believe that there is somewhere that awaits us once this life is over. The only difference is that, we cannot go to this place with our normal bodies. Once people die the spirit leaves the body and goes either to heaven or hell. Going to either of these place is dependent on how you live on earth. For Christians you have to live by the Bible to go to Heaven and if not you go to Hell. For Muslims, there are things the Koran requires you to do for you to go to Heaven. This is for all religion. Atheists however do not believe in it.