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A wedding day is the day everybody looks forward to. This is a special day for them. The wedding day is a day that comes with its own expenses. This are also including the venue of the wedding. The decisions you make for that day can have a big impact on your budget bot positive or negative.

Currently many churches depending on which it is charge for weddings. This is both the venue and the priest officiating the place. This is the case most times if that is not your traditional church. If you get married in your traditional church, depending on which it is, there is no cost to do so. However, some still charge regardless.

Other churches such as the catholic do not charge anything at all. It is not appropriate based on the first commandment in the Catechism teachings that prevents selling of sacred things. The wedding mass according to catholic is a holy sacrament. This is therefore not charges. However, it is customary for the bride and groom to make a donation to the church so as to share their joy with the church. The donations are sometimes suggested or a range given. If the groom and bride are regular in that church they may either have to give a small amount or even not give at all. They are believed to be supporting the parish with their regular giving.

Apart from the venue, there are the instrumentalist. Their fee is usually different from that of the venue. These people are paid even when the venue is not. This is when these people are hired to play for that wedding. If not, these people are not paid.

An advantage of having a church wedding is the fact that most of the churches are usually already decorated. This helps reduce the cost on flowers and other decorations. This venue is usually waiting for just a little touch to personalize it and not as much as a garden wedding. It also helps cut the cost of hiring a decorator for it. You may have one for the reception venue but the church is already ready.

For a church wedding, planning it near a major holiday may be ideal so as to have a wonderful time and good reception.

Other churches actually charge to have the wedding there, this changes from church to church and from time to time. Most of them are depended on the vicar of the church. Most of these range from $ 350 to about $ 600. This charges do not include those of the officiant, the band and anything else that you may want included. Fi this is included the cost might shoot up to about 1000 dollars. Even with this, the church venues are way cheaper than most of the other venues.

Many people seek the church venues to help reduce the cost for their weddings and at least avoid having to deal with many bills after the whole event. Many people are even left bankrupt after all is done. For your wedding make the right decisions so that you can enjoy the day and not worry about the aftermath.